What We Do

R. Powell & Associates, Inc. (RPA) has provided engineering and business consulting services to a variety of businesses since 1994. We specialize in engineering systems analysis and design and business analysis. Key personnel have extensive engineering and professional management experience in both public and private sectors. RPA has a committment to quality as a multi-disciplinary organization that spans the range of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. All projects are conducted according to standards, regulation, and best practices.

Our Specialized Experience

Systems Design

◀Mechanical: HVAC; Ductwork, Boilers, Fans, Pumps 

◀Electrical: Power & Data Distribution; switchboards: panelboards, Interior & Exterior Lighting 

◀ Pluming: Fixtures; Water Systems; Waste Systems; Building Drainage Systems

Infrastructure Design

◀Natural Gas: High PressureTransmission and Distribution Facilities 

◀ Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Pipeline Design

◀Underground Piping: Natural Gas; Water Distribution (Rural and Urban Areas)

Operations Analysis

◀Analyze and Report: Condition of Existing Mechanical , Electrical, and Pluming Engineering; Recommendations for Replacement or Repair;

◀System Maintenance Programs; Maintenance Programs for Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Systems


◀Natural Gas Transmission: Route Selection: Pressure Requirements; Pipe Sizing 

◀Natural Gas Distribution: System Requirements and Routing; Pressure Requirements; Supply Point Requirements; Pipe Sizing & Interconnections. 

◀Lighting; Photometric Analysis (Interior & Exterior); Light Fixture Requirements and Recommendations 

◀HVAC: Load Analysis; Equipment Recommendations


◀Power Requirements 

◀Water and Sewer Requirements 

◀Natural Gas Transmission and Distributions Requirements

Engineering Projects

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We prepare photometric analysis and design plans for the installation of street, pedestrian and special lighting systems (Krog St. Tunnel).

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Education Facilities

We have completed various school projects for Clayton County Board of Education, Gwinett County Board of Education and Atlanta Public Schools.

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Federal Aviation

We have cmpleted various Engineering Design projects at Hartsfield-Jackson International and Fulton County (Brown) Airports.

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Our projects include evaluating existing conditions and the design of mechanical, electrical and plumbing facilities (Grady Hospital CASS).

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Natural Gas

We provide engineering consulting services for the design and preparation of construction douments for natural gas pipeline facilities.

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Public Utility

We provide services to evaluate and design public utility facilities including complete drawings and specifications.

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