Natural Gas

RPA has provided engineering consulting services for the design and preparation of construction douments for natural gas pipeline facilities for companies such as Georgia Power Company, Progress Energy Company, Effingham County Power Plant and East Tommy Lakes Natural Gas Station.

These projects have included design and preparation of construction for approximately 131 miles of 12" and 6" natural gas transmission pipeline and various gas processing facilities. RPA projects included the assessment and selection of the proposed route for a 24" diameter high-pressure natural gas pipeline to be installed along a combination of Georgia Power Company power line right of way (ROW) and private ROW.

RPA's focus on this project was crossings, environmentally sensitive areas, and safety issues along the route.

RPA has evaluated, designed, prepared engineering documents and completed other miscellaneous assignments associated with the design of a new natural gas regulating and metering station for the Effingham County Power Generating Station. RPA designed approximately 600' of 12" diameter, 1200 psi MOP natrual gas transmission pipeline from the Souther Natural tap to the station location.