Public Utility

RPA provided services to Gwinnett County Department of Public Utilities for the evaluation and design of facilities replacing two walking bridge structures, the motor/gearbox drives for the mechanical aerators, and the shaft and brushes of the mechanical aerators at Jackson Creek Waste Water Reclamation Plant. The project deliverables included complete drawings, specifications and bid documents for replacement of the walking bridge structures, motor/gearbox drive units, aerator shafts and brushes and controls.

RPA has provided utility analysis and design services for the Cascades Development Project in Atlanta, Georgia. Deliverables for this project included:

  1. Preparing a preliminary capacity study for the water and sanitary sewer systems.
  2. Preparing conceptual site utility distribution designs for the sanitary sewer and water systems.
  3. Attending meetings and work sessions during this phase to discuss project-specific items.
  4. Issuing conceptual site sanitary system and water system utility drawings.