Federal Aviation

RPA is a member of the team of Architectural and Enginering Design Support Services for the Hartsfield-Jackson Development Program. This team is responsible for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering services.

Current projects include developing the Design Criteria Package for design/build contract. This involves describing the programmatic criteria and conceptual configuration for the proposed facility, including roadway connections and arrangements for inbound and outbound vehicular travel, a 8-level parking deck, an elevated pedestrian walkway between the parking deck and the Gateway APM Station, and modifications to the Gateway APM Station.

RPA is responsible for the electrical engineering and fire alarm design services for the Department of Aviation's New Airport Safety/Centralized Command and Control Center. RPA will also design the Fire Administration Offices and Training Facility, which will be housed in the remainder of the space.

RPA has also provided services to evaluate and design a licensed and non-licensed vehicle road tunnel to pass under the new taxiways "W" and "Z" that serve the new 5th runway at Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport.